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Buy Chinese Metal Type at the Ri Xing Typography Typecasting Shop
The night before our last day in Taiwan, I was checking out Patrick Ng's excellent stationary blog and saw a post about Chinese lead types he received that were bought in Taipei. Just in time, I sought the address of the type house online and we checked it out the next day.


Beitou Part 3 - Beitou Hot Spring Museum
With Hell Valley closed and having only spent an hour or so at the Beitou hot spring, Linh and I filled up some time at the Beitou Hot Springs Museum, which was free to enter.


The museum was previously a public bathhouse, built by the Japanese in 1913, and it was the biggest hot spring facility in East Asia at the time. In fact, the roman-style baths on the ground floor are still intact, but are for display only.

Beitou Part 2 - Hell Valley
In Beitou, we wanted to check out the fantastically-named Hell Valley which is the area's most famous site. Hell Valley comprises a pool containing scalding hot water that can reach boiling point temperature.


We were looking forward to viewing a bubbling, steaming pool, dangerous enough to have once scalded a visitor to death, who unfortunately fell in during the mid-1990's.

Beitou Part 1 - The Public Hot Springs
With our previous hot springs experience in Wulai given a double thumbs up, our expectations for the hot springs of Beitou were high. We were especially looking forward to experiencing the different kinds of hot springs (green acidic, white sulfurous and ferrous sulfur) that the area purported to have.


Beitou's hot springs valley was originally developed by the Japanese during the 1905 Russo-Japanese war, as the hot springs were believed to have health benefits, useful to treat Japan's wounded.

Danshui Part 5 - Sunset over Fisherman’s Wharf
From Bali, we caught a direct ferry across to Fisherman's Wharf - on the same coast but further along from our original arrival point near the Danshui pier.


Fisherman's Wharf has a long pier and a harbour with a fishing history though the area is now largely a tourist attraction - especially with an elegant, suspended pedestrian bridge that is a favourite with lovers wanting to catch the sunset.

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