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Asian Civilisations Museum
Next to the historic Singapore River, the Asian Civilisations Museum specialises in the material history of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia. Ten thematic galleries explored the traditional aspects of pan-Asian culture with an emphasis on the the regions strongly connected with Singapore's ethnic make-up.


An eleventh gallery also exists to put on special exhibitions and when we visited, this consisted of the Hunters & Collectors Exhibition - The Origins of the Southeast Asian Collection.

Singapore River Walk Picture Moments
Our little river cruise trip inspired us to take a wander along the Singapore River with our aim being to take a closer look at the "durian". Its one of the affectionate names given to the Espanade Theatres on the Bay, which consists of two buildings that resemble two halves of an upturned durian.


The Esplanade is a venue for a programme of international and local cultural performances and we had a closer look into the foyer and exterior detailing. The outside is made of aluminium shades that supposedly reference Asia reed-weaving geometrics and is meant to maximise natural light.

Fantastic Retro Mint Museum of Toys
What self-respecting designer wouldn't visit a retro toy museum? Aside from Linh, we met up with three other designers from Singapore to visit the five-storey Mint Museum of Toys on Seah Street in Singapore City. Mint stands for Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys.


The Mint Museum is the world's first purpose-built museum for toys. It showcases an extensive collection of over fifty thousand vintage toys from over twenty five countries in an award-winning contemporary building. As a result, it's regarded as one of the finest collections in the world and is the largest in Southeast Asia.

Balanced Veggie Food at the Little Green Pastures Vegetarian Cafe
Our friend L took us to the Little Green Pastures Vegetarian Cafe in Singapore's Waterloo Street for a deliciously light lunch. She was keen to take us there as apart from being a vegetarian herself, the food was meant to be superbly colour balanced as well as tasty. Obviously, like me, she's a designer! Have a look at the food for yourself below! However, I do apologise for the yellowish tint, which I couldn't get rid of.


With a plate each and a bowl of clear broth, the meal was a satisfying blend of visual and culinary stimuli. There's an upturned bowl of brown rice in the middle and this is surrounded by an assortment of vegetables, some lightly coated with a simple sauce.

Kaya - Coconut Jam in Singapore and Malaysia
I first discovered Kaya in Singapore and well, its the best thing since butter on sliced bread! Kaya is a sweet and creamy food spread and gorgeous (with butter) on toast. It's a coconut jam that is made from a base of coconut, duck or chicken eggs, flavoured by pandan leaves and sweetened sugar.


We had kaya on toast in a café just off Waterloo Road in Singapore. It came like a sandwich and rectangles of butter were placed inside along with the kaya spread.

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