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Eating in Yuen Long
Out in the north western New Territories sits Yuen Long, a New Town that was on our list to visit purely to continue on via bus to Lau Fau Shan, an oyster gathering and fishing village a few kilometres away.


However, we found ourselves there this evening as some of our UK friends visiting Hong Kong were staying there. Since we went on a Saturday evening, the town was pretty busy with people out to eat.

Tim Ho Wan - One Michelin Starred Dim Sum in Hong Kong - World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant
I came across a ripple of blog posts online about a newish dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong (Kowloon) which had recently been awarded a Michelin Star and of course, Linh and I had to go. Called Tim Ho Wan, the place now seems to be the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.


If you didn't know it, Michelin ratings range from one to three stars and there are only a few hundred awarded in the whole world. Practically all serve expensive meals.

Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market
The Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market in Chiangmai is famous - well, we realised it was once we began to look into where to go in the city. It takes place every Sunday night along the road of the same name which runs about two thirds the width of the walled old city. That's pretty long, more so than the Wualai Road Night Market which we visited the previous night.


Because the Wualai and Ratchdamnoen markets happened on consecutive days, having our five days in Chiangmai including the weekend conveniently allowed us to visit both. This was good on the one hand since we could see what both "events" were like, as well as do some shopping and have a place for dinner each night.

Wualai Road Night Market
We went to the Chang Klan Road Night Bazaar yesterday evening and whereas that's a nightly, fixed location shopping area, the Wualai Road Night Market is temporary, with stalls pitching up every Saturday.


It takes place on the lengthy Wualai Road, especially long when faced with all the ambling visitors, both local and tourists browsing at leisure. The area is actually an old city silver-making district which apparently still has silversmiths banging out their creations during the day on various metal household wares and surfaces.

Eating in Cambodia
In Cambodia, we tried to stick with local food for our meals and did so effectively for most of them. By local, I mean traditional, as the non-traditional food we had was local, but a local style of burger for instance. I think you know what I mean. Here are some of the things we ate. I make my apologies now since we had no idea what most of these dishes were.


In between visiting a floating village at the Tonle Sap lake and Beng Melea, we stopped off for lunch at a local market. Our driver Marom (above) chose a place that had all the food already prepared in big bowls, so we could just point at what we wanted. The dishes were a mixture of meat and veg (not very unusual) with different tastes.

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