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Chinese New Year Cartoon Lanterns in Hong Kong
As Chinese New Year approaches (February 14th) decorative preparations have already begun anywhere and everywhere public in Hong Kong. At Shatin Central Park, the end next to the bridge over the Shing Mun River is paved over (incorporating water features) and like last year (or perhaps annually), has been populated with large Chinese lantern characters.


I took some photos late afternoon, just after the lanterns switched on and though there are alot of them, the displays still haven't been finished yet.

Thailand National Day and the Pink Crowds
In Bangkok, Linh and I noticed how so many Thai were wearing pink tops. By the 5th December, pink-topped people were everywhere, particularly around the National Stadium and so we found out it was in celebration of their King's birthday (King Bhumibol Adulyadej).


A televised concert was taking place at National Stadium. There were vendors around selling more pink tops and the national flag as both wristbands and mini-flags.

Taipei Toy Festival
Luckily for me, our trip to Taiwan coincided with the dates for the 2009 Taipei Toy Festival. Held annually, the event is the premiere Asian designer vinyl show with artists and companies coming from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.


Having never been to any designer toy fairs and not considering myself to be a serious collector, I went mainly to window-shop and the Taipei Toy Festival was a great place for that.

Tshirt Exhibition in Tokyo Midtown - Design Yes No
During our exploration of Tokyo Midtown, we came across graphic posters for a "Design Yes No" exhibition which intrigued me. We inquired at the foyer of the block the exhibition appeared to be in, and were informed that the show was of t-shirts and was free. Both those statements appealed to both of us so we gave it a visit.


Up several floors, the Design Yes No exhibition was the 16th exhibition of a group called the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub.

Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight - Amazing Cardboard City Model
One of the exhibitors at the May 2009 Design Festa (vol.29) was the creator of this mini cardboard city.


Though crude as a result of the corrugated texture, the model was still fascinatingly detailed, depicting several high rise blocks, complete with interiors and atmospheric back lighting.

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