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The weight of my camera had always been a consideration of mine when I first began planning our travels but I took photo-documenting what we see seriously so I never settled for less than a DSLR. I've been lugging a three-year-old Nikon D80 about with an 18-70mm lens.


When Olympus released their E-P1 (disclaimer: affiliate link), a smaller compact camera with interchangeable lens and a DSLR quality photos, I kept my eye on it closely, as the price (over £600) kept me from buying it straight away. I then heard about its slow focusing and then subsequently saw Panasonic release their Lumix GF1 model (disclaimer: affiliate link) which touted much faster focusing.

With a few visiting friends buying it in Hong Kong, I was finally tempted and got one of these GF1's, with a 20mm F1.7 fixed lens. I've only taken it out a few times but I'm really surprised about the quality of the shots. The large aperture is also great at shots with a shallow depth of field.


With the option of changing the lens and mixing between prime and zoom lens, I can easily see how a camera this size (though not the smallest compact on the market) will boost the quality of travel photos and make people's portable lives easier. In my books, its a definite choice for light packing!

At this point, I'm not sure whether I'd personally travel only with this camera although the results are more than good enough for me and my travel blogging criteria. But that's because I'm already used to using my Nikon DSLR and its settings.

In fact, my plan in getting the Lumix GF1 was to get a complementary, portable camera to my DSLR for days out when I didn't know whether I'd be taking any shots and/or simply wanted to be a bit less obvious.

What does everyone else carry when off traveling? Are DSLR's still a necessity?

The two photos above were shot at home in Hong Kong, the first showing an incense burner and the second being a plate of sushi that we often get from the supermarket Yata in Shatin.

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27/02/10  at  01:13 PM
Like this set. More like these please! I find 'random reportage' photologs sometimes more fascinating than the 'real' photos. Speaks to the nosey parker in me I guess. Hm.

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