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Hong Kong Shopping Mall Seasonal Displays

In Shatin's New Town Plaza shopping mall, they've just put up yet another massive display in the "main hall" - the largest open area in the complex which happens to be viewable from the entrance to the mall from the Shatin MTR station.


These displays, which must have cost a bomb by Hong Kong standards, appear every time there's a possible reason (seasonal, events, sponsored exhibition etc) and its not just Shatin, but most other large malls it seems. We see what happens in the Shatin New Town Plaza regularly as we go to the Physical gym there.

They're usually pretty elaborate too and this contains a massive dome surrounded by all sorts of percolated balls on sticks. There's almost always a place for visitors to sit or stand and have their photo taken.


I've concluded that Hong Kong people love these displays and that if you fancy yourself as a sculptural retail designer of some sort, you'll be in demand here.

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