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Flight of the Gibbon Rainforest Zipline Adventure in Chiangmai

Voted Best Attraction in Thailand, the Flight of the Gibbon Rainforest Adventure billboards got our attention as we began planning our activities, soon after we arrived in Chiangmai.


We initially decided not to do it, since it didn't seem like an activity inherent to Thai culture and wasn't cheap either at 1700 THB (£33) each (normal full price was over 2000 THB). But then we changed our minds, since we didn't think we'd get many opportunities to do something like this often.

Like certain reality tv shows, the Flight of the Gibbon gives people a chance to fly through the rainforest on ziplines. The whole experience included transport to the venue, lunch and a waterfall trek, as well as guided zipline travel through the rainforest canopy, via multiple platforms and lines totaling a distance of over two kilometres.


We booked an early morning session (there was a choice between morning or afternoon) and so had to be picked up by 6.30am. Our transport then proceeded to pick up another girl and a group of six guys and together we formed a group of nine for one session of the Gibbon Adventure.

Arriving at the venue for the experience at 7.15am, everyone went through formalities before being shuttled the short distance to the beginning (of the possible end?) at 8am. Everyone was relaxed, though one of the guys was acrophobic (peer pressure seemed to be real persuasive to get him there with his mates).


What really helped were the enthusiastic, friendly and humorous "sky rangers", the two staff members who took us through the experience.


Not only was their approach spot-on, but it was clear that through the humour, safety was their top priority.


Up in the air, at no point was anyone untethered and therefore at risk of falling (all platforms had safety ropes to attach everyone to).


Once we got used to the helmet and harness gear, it was pretty much all go from the start as we each took turns, along with our two sky rangers to travel from one platform to the next.


Some ziplines were longer than others, and a couple went straight down.


At moments like these, the sky rangers "increased" the adrenaline by allowing us to drop suddenly before slowing us down.

At various points along the route, the sky rangers also suggested when to take photos, often offering to shoot for us. Most useful when both Linh and I traveled the double wire together.


Or when we were just goofing around on a bridge.



They also shared their knowledge of the forest, pointing out the sound of a Gibbon call, forest flora, fauna and other items of interest, such as how simple wooden pegs stuck on the side of a tree were a traditional access method for local farmers to gather honey from bee nests.


Not too much of an issue, until you realise how tall the trees are.


The whole experience happened faster than we expected - well, time flies right? But it still took around two hours of fun. Well worth the money.


Here's a short video of our experience from our Flight of the Gibbon.

And a final group photo.


Back in Chiangmai...


As you can see on the poster, for more information on the Flight of the Gibbon Rainforest Adventure, visit their website

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