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Finding Cheap Branded Beauty Supplies in Hong Kong

Two things I love about Hong Kong's retail industry. Shops move fast with old places closing and new ones opening quickly in the space of a few months, and different areas of Hong Kong can specialise in certain products creating hubs for some types of goods. Both these things seem to create and reflect the competitive nature of one of the Hong Kong people's favourite pastimes (shopping, with another being eating), and clusters like-minded shops together for the convenience of customers.


I came across a post on the blog Hong Kong Hustle about finding cheap beauty supplies, meaning cheaper than other areas in Hong Kong and not just internationally. Of course, this was for Linh and not me.

The place to find cheap beauty supplies is the Jordan MTR station end of Temple Street, the same street for the market itself, but via a bunch of shops on a stretch of the road before the stalls actually start. From what Linh tells me and what's reported on Hong Kong Hustle, these supplies aren't fake China copies, though you'd have to be careful in case they're also on display too, but international and sometimes salon-only brands.


We saw all sorts of beauty supplies, hair styling and washing products and lots of accessories. Linh found some Jessica nail polish which she normally gets from her salon in London for about £7-8, whereas it only costs HK$45 in Temple Street, which is less than half the price. Hong Kong Hustle also reports on products there costing half the price of the same thing in Central, on Hong Kong Island.

Whether its for these beauty supply shops or Temple Street Market, the place is very straight to get to. Just Exit A out of Jordan MTR station, turn right and then walk two blocks and the road is there.

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