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Eating in Yuen Long

Out in the north western New Territories sits Yuen Long, a New Town that was on our list to visit purely to continue on via bus to Lau Fau Shan, an oyster gathering and fishing village a few kilometres away.


However, we found ourselves there this evening as some of our UK friends visiting Hong Kong were staying there. Since we went on a Saturday evening, the town was pretty busy with people out to eat.


We started eating at a restaurant owned by a relative of our friend, which was located across the road from their village...



..before being shown the fantastic night view from the top of a nearby hill.


Popping down to Yuen Long town, we then had some local desserts. I wish I could explain what they were but we left our friends to order a selection. Seems Yuen Long, like most places in Hong Kong, specialised in something or other, and these desserts were it.





Since some of us were still hungry, so we actually moved on elsewhere to eat more food at an outdoor place.







In comparison to our local town Tai Po, the nearest place for us to shop at or pass through to go out to Kowloon and Hong Kong, Yuen Long seems a little bigger and spread out. We wished Tai Po also had these outdoor places to eat too.

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22/02/10  at  03:26 PM
I love Chu Chern Fun (The plain rice rolls with the sesame and hoisin sauce)

Everytime I go to HK I love the street food the most.
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22/02/10  at  07:46 PM
Thanks Roger! I forgot to mention that we got some non-desert snacks too...

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