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Back in Hong Kong and straight to Physical Gym in Shatin

After the excess (although quite healthy, since there are less additives) food of Vietnam, the day after we came back to Hong Kong, we went to check out the closest gym we could find. Turns out to be one of Physical's branches in Shatin which is three stops away from our nearest station, Tai Po Market on the MTR.


Back in 2007, we popped into a branch of California Gym (which is endorsed by Jackie Chan) over on Hong Kong Island, but that was really expensive, so our hopes for a good deal in Physical were not high.

Either Physical is lower market than California or something happened to the prices (probably both) but they were running a deal for a six month membership at $1000 per person (£90). Definitely affordable and in our budget, so we had no excuse.

I have a Hong Kong Identity Card, which is standard for most members - its needed every time you visit for them to check your membership card against. Linh doesn't have one so was asked for her passport. Its pretty inconvenient carrying that around so she was able to use her UK Driving License instead.

Compared to the gyms I've joined in the UK, there's no induction. You just have access to the weights and machines room and each membership has 15 tickets for group classes. If required, you can ask wandering members of staff for advice and how to use particular machines. Otherwise you'll have to hire a personal trainer there.


There isn't a swimming pool but there are steam rooms and saunas. With the cardiovascular and resistance machines, I have to admit I've never seen so many. They're all in a single room which stretches across a floor of the building the gym is in. The place has a total of 70,000 square foot which apparently makes it the biggest health centre in Hong Kong. Since there are only three floors you can understand how big the space is. Another floor is taken up with the beauty centre and the remaining floor houses the reception, changing rooms and a couple of group exercise rooms.


We tend to go around midday to late afternoon. Even though the place is big, it always seems to be busy, with a bit of waiting around on the resistance machines. I keep wondering whether Hong Kong people need to work.

Anyhow, I'm finding it easier to go Physical when its the one thing we can use to build a routine in Hong Kong. If I don't end up like endorser Aaron Kwok, then its because of all the cream buns Linh keeps buying me.

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21/07/09  at  01:19 PM
This is a terrible company with extremely poor management,completely lack of customer services, totally complacent, and no security safeguards that are conducive to theft.

My pairs of shoes were stolen on last Saturday night, and reported it to the customer service counter. They did not bother to make any inquiry, and asked me to call the police if I wished. Failing to get any assistance from them, I called 999 for assistance, and my wife to bring me pairs of shoes. CID had made a inquiry of it.

I went to the shoes store on the first floor, and was told that there were many incidences of customers there whose shoes were stolen. Well, having heard that, I fully understand why. The management in PHYSICAL does not care, and that's why thieves find the place very convenient for them to pick up whatever they want. Poor customers.

So far, I have not received any inquiry from the company. They don't care. They only care to recruit more members.

As a member of the Club, I strongly advise people to think twice before enrolling.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
06/10/09  at  01:42 PM
Mate you either work for california fitness or stupid. you are given a locker to use when u enter the gym, why not put ur shoes in there? Mate learn to look after urself the world is not a fairy tale, u cant have babysitters ur whole life...

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