Adventures in East Asia


2010 February Chinese New Year Cartoon Lanterns in Hong Kong January Hong Kong Shopping Mall Seasonal Displays Eating in Yuen Long Portable Travel Photography 2009 December Impressive Bamboo Scaffolding Tower in Hong Kong Tim Ho Wan - One Michelin Starred Dim Sum in Hong Kong - World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant Finding Cheap Branded Beauty Supplies in Hong Kong Spirit Houses in Thailand and Cambodia Chiangmai Zoo The Beautiful Wat Phra That Doi Suthep for Views Over Chiangmai Songthaews and Other Transport in Chiangmai Fight Night at the Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium Elephant Rides, Baby Elephants and Elephants Bathing at the Maesa Elephant Camp King Cobra Chiangmai Show - Not for the Snake Shy Guns in Chiangmai at the Maerim Shooting Range Touching Tiger Cubs at Tiger Kingdom Chiangmai Thai Candle Dance at the Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market Chiangmai Leather Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium by Day Wualai Road Night Market Chiangmai Chinatown Wat Phra Singh Buddhist Temple, Chiangmai’s Most Impressive The All Wooden Wat Pan Tao Sermon Hall Chiangmai Hill Tribes Shop Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium by Day Flight of the Gibbon Waterfall Trek Flight of the Gibbon Rainforest Zipline Adventure in Chiangmai Chang Klan Road Night Shopping in Chiangmai Recommended Portico 21 Hotel in Chiangmai Chiangmai Streets Angkor Temple Ruins Excursion Costs and Summary Cambodian Country Roadside Housing Roadside Cambodian Children Cambodian People Carriers The Child Sales People of Angkor Photographing Monks in Cambodia Cambodian Two Wheeled Transport Nature Overgrown - The Beautiful Beng Melea Ruins Tonle Sap Lake, Fish Market, Crocodile Farm and a Floating Village How the Cambodians Easily Catch Crickets Eating in Cambodia Filling up Petrol in Cambodia Baked Tarantulas and the Siem Reap Old Market Sunset at Phnom Bakheng Bayon-Style Banteay Kdei Elephants at the Three Tiered East Mebon Temple Single-Shrined Ta Som The Medical Pools of Neak Pean The Comprehensive Preah Khan Roadside Sellers in Cambodia Sunset at Temple Mountain Pre Rup Eating an Ant at Banteay Srei Intricate Bas Relief Carvings at Banteay Srei Cambodian Land Mine Museum and Relief Facility Stone Carvings and Waterfall at Kbal Spean The Soup Dragon Restaurant in Siem Reap Angkor Wat - The Symbol of Cambodia Ta Prohm - Temple Ruin Location for Tomb Raider The Compact Chau Say Tevoda Temple Angkor Thom Part 4 - Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King Angkor Thom Part 3 - The Three-Tiered Baphuon Temple Angkor Thom Part 2 - Serene, Stone Faces at the Bayon Temple Towers Angkor Thom Part 1 - Gods and Demons at the South Gate The Angkor Wat Sunrise Visiting Siem Reap - Cambodia’s Historical Rough Diamond Eating Insects in Thailand Blind Thai Buskers Thailand National Day and the Pink Crowds Chatuchak Market Part 5 - Amazing Twirling Tea Man Chatuchak Market Part 4 - Baby Pigs, Squirrels, Rabbits and Other Pets Chatuchak Market Part 3 - Food Chatuchak Market Part 2 - Stuff to Buy Chatuchak Market Part 1 - JJ Market - Worlds Biggest Outdoor Weekend Market Silk and Teak at the Jim Thompson House Mah Boon Krong (MBK) Center in Bangkok Street Food in Bangkok Avoiding Rip Off Taxis in Bangkok Tickly Fish Therapy at Suan Lum Night Bazaar Bangkok’s Suan Lum Night Bazaar Observations on Bangkok Public Transport Tuk-Tuks in Bangkok Buddhas in Bangkok Wat Pho Part 3 - Thai Massage Wat Pho Part 2 - The Reclining Buddha Wat Pho Part 1 - Bangkok’s Oldest and Largest Temple Amulet Shopping and other Market Stuff The Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok H1 Urban Complex for Creatives Bangkok’s Central World Shopping Complex and Square over Christmas Delicious Burnt Fish in a Bangkok Street Restaurant The Decorative and Active Erawan Shrine Christmas Displays outside Bangkok Shopping Centres Thailand Creative & Design Center People Carriers in Bangkok Arriving in Bangkok October Tame Wild Bird in the New Territories September Thean Hou Temple - Malaysia’s Most Visually Impressive Temple Kuala Lumpur River Lizard Eats Catfish Sungei Wang Plaza’s Hidden Food Court Kampung Baru - Malay Village Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 4 - Ostrich Feeding Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 3 - Trapped Monkey Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 2 - Chick Nursery Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 1 - Worlds Largest Free-Flight Walk-In Aviary Kuala Lumpur Streets and Little India Flower Lamp Posts of Kuala Lumpur Superb Pitcher Plant Fountain in Kuala Lumpur Pickle Buffet Petronas Twin Towers Filming in Kuala Lumpur Animal Zone at the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower Forest in the City Walk at the Menara KL Tower Menara KL Tower Kuala Lumpur Chinatown Night Market Indoor Theme Park at the Berjaya Times Square Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur Arrival in Kuala Lumpur and the Railway System Malacca Streets Filming in Malacca Malacca River Walk Malacca River Cruise Malacca Maritime Museum and Naval Museum Kite, Beauty and Peoples Museum in Malacca Views of Malacca Town Square A Famosa Ruins in Malacca St Pauls Church Ruins in Malacca Cheng Ho Cultural Museum Architecture Museum of Malaysia in Malacca Multi-faith Malacca Colourful, Flower Decked Malacca Trishaws Famosa Chicken Rice Balls Jonker Walk and Malacca’s Chinatown Arriving in Malacca and the Beautiful Hotel Puri Longhouse Visit Part 6 - Village Tour Longhouse Visit Part 5 - Musical Instrument Longhouse Visit Part 4 - How to Load Double Darts into a Blowdart Weapon Longhouse Visit Part 3 - Educational Evening Longhouse Visit Part 2 - Jungle Trekking Longhouse Visit Part 1 - Annah Rais Longhouse Adventure Kuching Part 4 - Hungry Ghost Festival in Kuching and the Tua Pek Kong Temple Kuching Part 3 - The Sarawak Museum Kuching Part 2 - The Streets and Markets of Kuching Kuching Part 1 - Arriving in Malaysian Borneo and the Kuching River Pulau Tioman Part 4 - Coast and Forest Walk from Paya Beach Resort to Genting Pulau Tioman Part 3 - Snorkeling Excursion Pulau Tioman Part 2 - Paya Beach Resort Pulau Tioman Part 1 - Malaysian Tropical Island Resort Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore River Walk Picture Moments Fantastic Retro Mint Museum of Toys Balanced Veggie Food at the Little Green Pastures Vegetarian Cafe Kaya - Coconut Jam in Singapore and Malaysia Singapore Art Museum National Museum of Singapore Singapore River Cruise and Views at Night Hello Kitty Musical Lantern and a Singapore Chinatown Toy Shop Chinese Heritage Museum - Superb Culture and History Display Singapore Chinatown Part 4 - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum Singapore Chinatown Part 3 - The Streets Singapore Chinatown Part 2 - The Wet Market - Fish, Turtles and Toads Singapore Chinatown Part 1 - Food Singapore MRT and Uncles and Aunties Mustafa - 24 Hour One Stop Shopping in Singapore’s Little India Hawker Centre Picture Moment Ice Cream Sandwich from Waterloo Street Decorative Hindu and Chinese Temples on Waterloo Street The Arts at Waterloo Street Durians, Durians and more Durians - The Smelly King of Fruits Singapore Prawn Crackers Singapore’s Basheer Books for Creative People Singapore Trishaws Singapore Night Safari Video - Nibbling Fish Spa at Singapore Zoo Singapore Zoo Part 3 - Lemurs and Bats - Video Singapore Zoo Part 2 - Proboscis Monkeys, Orang Utans, Macaques and more - Video Singapore Zoo Part 1 - The Best Zoo in the World Eating at Singapore Coffee Shops and Hawker Centres Carrot Cake at the Temple Vegetarian Coffee Shop Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple - The Largest Buddhist Temple in Singapore Visiting Singapore and Malaysia August Seen in Hong Kong - Miniature Red Roast Birds Seen in Hong Kong - Skewed Legs Toilet signs Seen in Hong Kong - Maid Employment Agency Seen in Hong Kong - Jumpin’ Jackpot Granny Seen in Hong Kong - Jackie Chan Endorses Hair Darkening Shampoo Langham Place Shopping Mall in Mong Kok - not for Acrophobics July The Challenges and Delights of the Seoul Metro Network Hongdae - Seoul’s Indie Culture Centre Seoul Animation Centre and the House of Cartoons Custom Leather Accessories by Elderly Korean Artisan Toykino Gallery - Toy Figures! Traditional Charms of Samcheong-dong Korean Kids Song and Dance Promotion Succulent Hangjeongsal Pork BBQ at Chungmuro Seoul Tower and Seoul at Night A Homage to Pickled Cabbage - The Kimchi Field Museum Leeum Samsung Museum of Art - Designed by Three Renown Architects Baseball Batting at Insadong Cheonggyecheon Stream Laser Light Show and Projections Totoman Toy Museum, Insadong The Artistic and Crafty Insadong National Folk Museum of Korea Superb Historic Gyeongbok Palace at Insadong Delicious Warm Sulfur-Fed Sliced Duck at the Tobang Duck Restaurant Brave Male Bra Seller Wears Bra on Head at Namdaemun Market Namdaemun Market for Ginseng and other products The Excellent and Comprehensive War Memorial Museum of Korea Amazing Miniature Village at Lotte World Folk Museum COEX Aquarium Bats COEX Aquarium Axolotl Salamanders Two Headed Turtle at the COEX Aquarium Surprising Household Appliance Fish Tanks and more at the COEX Aquarium Seoul Metro and People Selling Stuff Jeonju Bibimbap at Gogung, Myeong-dong Myeong-dong Shopping District Beautifully Presented Artefacts at the National Museum of Korea Seoul’s Family Mart - The New Pub Metro Emergencies Equipment and Hotel Escape Cables Jackie Chan’s Noodle and Dim Sum Restaurant in the COEX Mall in Seoul Heavy Metal Chopsticks Karaoke Seoul Underground Shopping Malls in Seoul Toys and Stationary in Dongdaemun Market Albino Hedgehogs and more at Dongdaemun Market Aquarium Street Overwhelming Dongdaemun Market in Seoul Seoul Food Hello Seoul Buy Chinese Metal Type at the Ri Xing Typography Typecasting Shop Beitou Part 3 - Beitou Hot Spring Museum Beitou Part 2 - Hell Valley Beitou Part 1 - The Public Hot Springs Danshui Part 5 - Sunset over Fisherman’s Wharf Danshui Part 4 - Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology Danshui Part 3 - The Bali Waterfront Danshui Part 2 - Museum of The Strange Danshui Part 1 - Iron Eggs and Massages Pork Buns and Threading at Raohe Street - Taipei’s Newest Night Market Core Pacific City Living Mall Puppetry Art Center of Taipei The Superb Miniatures Museum of Taiwan Wulai Part 4 - The Deserted Wulai Dreamland Amusement Park Wulai Part 3 - Wulai Falls Wulai Part 2 - The Wulai Public Hot Springs Experience Wulai Part 1 - The Hot Springs Village - Getting there from Taipei Giant Ice Cream Cones in Taipei Taipei Flour Rice Noodles Flavoured with Pigs Insides Miramar Entertainment Park, its Giant Ferris Wheel and more Delicious Beef Noodles in Taipei The Sheltered Pavements of Taipei Streets Vintage Displays at The Red Theatre in Ximen Snake Alley for Snake Blood, Turtle Meat and Chopping Massages The Unmissable National Palace Museum of Taipei Betelnuts - Intoxicating Chinese Chewing gum The Record-Breaking Taipei 101 Building Taipei Toy Festival Landscape Painted Utility Street Box Shilin Night Market - Taipei’s Biggest and Best Night Market Taipei Zoo - The Largest in Asia Taipei’s MRT System and the Metro Journey to Taipei Zoo Crispy Crab Snacks at 24 hour Eslite Book Store Ximending Singer Performer Ximending Street Artists and having our portrait drawn Ximending Traffic Lights and their visual countdown Ximending Sushi Train Restaurant Ximending, The Shibuya of Taipei Made in Taiwan Picture Moment : Hong Kong Airport June Modern Toilet - A Quirky Themed Restaurant in Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Views from the IFC Mall Roof Garden Dragon Boat Racing at Shatin, New Territories Famous Beef Parcels and Islam Food in Kowloon City Excellent Super Cheap Dim Sum Takeaway in Tai Po, New Territories May City Views, Restaurants and Shopping at Takashimaya Times Square in Shinjuku A Shrine and a Ferrari at Isetan - the Trendy Shopping Mecca in Shinjuku Design Festa’s Permanent Site for Personal Art at Harujuku Top Japanese Treasures at the Tokyo National Museum Superb Shitamachi Museum in Ueno Park Recreates Historic Japan Yokohama Chinatown - One of the Largest in the World! Rodin outside National Museum of Western Art, Ueno Park Amazing Displays at the National Science Museum in Ueno Park Tsukiji Fish Market Part 5 - The Outer Market for food and accessories Tsukiji Fish Market Part 4 - Freshest Sushi in the World at Daiwa Sushi Restaurant Tsukiji Fish Market Part 3 - Unusual Sea Creatures at Wholesalers Market Tsukiji Fish Market Part 2 - The Awesome Fresh and Frozen Tuna Auctions Tsukiji Fish Market Part 1 - Tokyo’s Top Attraction - How we saw all the action! Modern Tokyo Midtown TV Asashi Headquarters in Roppongi Hills Roppongi Hills - Art, Entertainment and Luxury Urban Landscaping Tshirt Exhibition in Tokyo Midtown - Design Yes No Rooftop Sunshine City Aquarium at Ikebukuro Mashedup Theme Park at Namco’s Sunshine Namjatown at Ikebukuro Strange Iidabashi Building Scenic Japanese Landscapes at the Historic Koishikawa Koraku Garden The No Entry Tokyo Imperial Palace Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight - Amazing Cardboard City Model Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight - Performers and Entertainment Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight - Amazing Variety of Artist Work Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight - Linh’s Big Hair Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight - Personal Creativity at its Finest! Japanese Subculture Fashion at Takeshita Street, Harujuku Cosplayer Sightings at Harujuku’s Jingu Bridge Tokyo’s Grandest Meiji Shrine and a Traditional Japanese Wedding Ginza’s Crossing, Sony Building and Hello Kitty Ten Videos : Sanja Matsuri Festival Mikoshi Shrines Tour of Asakusa Asakusa Mikoshi Shrines Carrying - Sights to behold! 109 Building Sushi in Shibuya Asakusa Ninja Spotted! Video Train Journey on the Tokyo Yamanote Line Mikoshi preparations for the Sanja Matsuri Festival The Tiny Asakusa Hikan Inari Shrine The Imposing Senso-ji and Fortune Dispensing at Asakusa Goldfish Catching and Rickshaws at Nakamise-dori Videos : Traditional Japanese Sanja Matsuri Parade and Musicians Tokyo’s Sanja Matsuri Festival and the 1st Day Traditional Costume Parade Videos : Red Bean Cakes and more on Asakusa’s Nakamise-dori Shopping Street Asakusa’s Nakamise-dori Traditional Shopping Street - Food and Toys! Bouncing Noodles Animatronic outside Ueno Restaurant Ameya Yokocho - A Bargain Shopping Street in Ueno Intimate Gojo Shrine with Red Bibbed Inari Foxes in Ueno Park Benten-do Memorial in Ueno Park Ueno Zoo Videos including Children’s Zoo Goat Feeding Big Name Animals, Mating Lovebirds and Goat Feeding at Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Ueno Park World’s Largest Pendulum Clock at the Shinjuku NS Building Edo Tokyo Museum - The Best City History Museum Chic Boutiques at Aoyama - Prada, A Bathing Ape City Night Views at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices Harajuku’s Condomania for all your rubber needs Sanrio Puroland Show - Believe - including Video Sanrio Puroland Show - Cinnamon’s Secret Door - including Video Sanrio Puroland Attraction - Hello Kitty Black Wonder - including Video Sanrio Puroland Attraction - Boat Ride - including Video Sanrio Puroland Show - Oz - including Video Video Snapshot of Sanrio Puroland Linh does Sanrio Puroland Sanrio Puroland - Hello Kitty & Co for a heavy dose of kawaii Top Selling Items in Tokyo at Shop ranKing ranQueen Japanese Taxis - Look Good But Don’t Touch The Inviting Bars of Love Hotel Hill in Shibuya Love Hotels in Shibuya and why we didn’t try one MOS Rice Burgers in Shibuya - worth trying? Akihabara’s Kanda Shrine A Peaceful Akihabara Junction Experiencing An Akihabara Maid Cafe Super Potato Arcade Retroland in Akihabara for Retro Consoles, Game Cartridges and more Japanese Foot Callus Scrapers, Tea Bag Briefs & Dried Squid Geek Town Akihabara for Manga, Anime, Toys and Electronics How to Win at Prize Grabbing Crane Game Machines Tokyo’s Minimal Petrol Stations East Shinjuku at Dusk - Shrines and the Red Light District Shinjuku West - Hi-tech Toilets, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Jewelled Cameras Fast Food Ordering Vending Machines in Tokyo Arriving in Narita - Tokyo - Shinjujku April Tsui Hark’s Film Workshop Exhibition at agnés b. The Interactive Hong Kong Science Museum Compact, Personality-packed Madame Tussauds Hong Kong at The Peak Hong Kong Panoramic Views at The Peak and the Peak Tram Bay at Ting Kok Village and Cockle Picking at Easter Coca Cola Hotpot TV Advert in Hong Kong Beef Bowls at Yoshinoya Back in Hong Kong and straight to Physical Gym in Shatin March Rain in Ho Chi Minh on our last day in Vietnam Little Nuna the Mini Chihuahua Penguin and Bud’s Ice Cream in Ho Chi Minh 7 Day Road Trip from South to Central Vietnam Deformities at the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh Mini Vietnamese Altar on Dessert Market Stall Crunchy West Lake Shrimp Cakes Crazy Hanoi Roads Intense Product Displays in Hanoi’s Dong Xuan Market Cha Ca - Grilled Fish Lunch in Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi Mini One Pillar Pagoda Ho Chi Minh’s Stylish Wooden House on Stilts The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi Traditional Vietnamese Water Puppet Show in Hanoi Dong Trieu Ceramics and Pottery Village Tuan Chau Island Five Star Resort near Ha Long City Ha Long Bay Part 5 - Cruise Lunch and Pearls Ha Long Bay Part 4 - Fresh Cuttlefish Deboning and Ha Long Bay Life Ha Long Bay Part 3 - Dau Go Cave Ha Long Bay Part 2 - Thien Cung Cave Ha Long Bay Part 1 - The Famous Cruise Excellent Views from Van Hai Hotel at Ha Long Hai Phong City and Ha Long Night Market Vietnamese Snake Wine with Massive Cobras! Tam Coc Sampan trip along the Ngo Dong River Goat Meat Lunch in Tam Coc in the Ninh Binh Province Hoa Lu - The Ancient Capital of Vietnam Hanoi Night Market Dragons Sculpted from Flowers next to Ly Thai To Giant Turtles at the Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi Celebrates A Thousand Years with Impressive Mosaic Wall Temple of Literature - The Oldest School in Vietnam Giant Toenail Polishing at the Quan Thanh Temple Hanoi, North Vietnam and the Tran Quoc Pagoda Streets of Ho Chi Minh on Two Wheels Bikes of Vietnam Western sensibilities at Hung Vuong Plaza Vietnamese Food : Broken Rice, Dessert and Banh Mi The Tunnels of Cu Chi from the Vietnam War The Gorgeous Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh Tay Ninh’s Ba Den Pagoda, Ropeway and Slideway System The Independence Palace in Saigon Back scraping cure for illnesses Vietnam - The Land of Motorbikes and Pho February Toilet Sirens at Hong Kong’s Delay No Mall Typical Groceries Prices in the New Territories Mong Kok Street Food Avenue of Stars Zoological and Botanical Gardens Altars at homes and businesses Bamboo Scaffolders Things to do in Stanley, South of Hong Kong Island Bananas, housing and vegetable plots in the New Territories BBQ Meat Takeaways Post Altar Return Village Meal The Return of the Altar Ting Kok firecrackers and paper horse burning Traditional Poon Choi Basin Meal at Tai Mei Tuk Village Sugar Cane Cutters Unicorn taking offering Family Ancestor Offerings Sham Shui Po Police Camp Passing Out Parade Bike riding in the New Territories Beijing Opera and the community Village Contributions to Chinese New Year celebrations Ting Kok Village Altar brought down from the Temple Arrival in the New Territories and the Hong Kong public transport system Hong Kong Photos Chinese New Year Celebrations in the village Visiting the New Territories Our new home in the New Territories Personal Reflections on London and Hong Kong