Adventures in East Asia

About this website

MangoVine is a site about living in Hong Kong and traveling around East Asia. Its author Mark, accompanied by Linh, moved to Hong Kong in February 2009 with the aim of visiting a number of destinations in East Asia and sharing the experience online.


Updates to the site cover experiences, observations, information and hopefully useful tips about the places visited although there is a greater emphasis on presenting photography.

At the moment, the design for MangoVine is a straightforward one for practical reasons. However, plans are afoot to create a visually richer presentation of our experiences in East Asia, hopefully to show off the region in the best possible way we can.

Interested in East Asia? Hopefully you'll tag along and perhaps make suggestions on what they can do and comment on the things they post on this site.

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If you'd like to contact Mark & Linh, you can simply leave a comment on any post or fill in the form on this contact page. This link goes to another site - Mark's personal blog site in fact, in case you're interested to know any more background.

Thanks for reading!